Partnership Liaison/Client Advisor

Partnerships · Lehi, Utah
Department Partnerships
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Entry-level

This is an excellent position for those who wish to seek a permanent position with potential for growth, learning, and development in a niche third-party laboratory industry. ARL is looking for a highly motivated, meticulous, and tech-savvy team player with excellent communication and organizational skills to join our amazing Partnerships Team. The ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment and stay cool under pressure are an absolute requirement. As Partnerships Liaison, you are the face of the company. A great personality, positive attitude, and ability to work and communicate well with others, and a high level of competency and understanding of the industry are a must. We are seeking a team player who is able intelligently deliver great results and performance, someone with a high level of accountability over his or her stewardship. ARL's Partnerships Team must demonstrate excellent customer service and professionalism.

The ideal candidate will provide individualized account service and act as first point of contact for ARL clients/partners. While working under the supervision of the Partnerships Team Lead and Director of Partnerships, the candidate will be required perform the following duties:

  • Respond to client inquiries efficiently, effectively, accurately, and in a timely manner
  • Manage interdepartmental tasks in a timely manner
  • Quote pricing for client testing
  • Ensure information is effectively communicated between clients and the business
  • Coordinate stability studies for client base
  • Establish strong client relationships
  • Oversee and manage client projects by communicating with relevant leadership in the laboratory
  • Immediate liaison with contacts to resolve any issues
  • Review client's testing needs and propose testing services
  • Develop strong understanding of business development, sample submissions, and general laboratory testing services and processes to effectively service clients
  • Process sample submissions, distribution, storage, and disposal, whenever needed
  • Keep clients informed of any delays is testing or release of results, ensuring testing services requested are accurately submitted and processed in a timely manner
  • Mange incoming inquiries using multiple platforms, such as emails, phones, and other internal communication systems
  • Monitor and update databases
  • Manage task follow-ups
  • Engage in client outreach
  • Apply high quality written and verbal correspondence on all client matters
  • Record, track, and report meaningful client data/communication/complaints to increase ARL's customer service performance
  • Follow up on testing services requested and Turn Around Time (TAT)
  • Work closely with Team Leads and/or Lab Managers to ensure that TAT fo testing service requested is feasible
  • Outsource and track all Out Of House testing
  • Review bids for Out Of House testing with Lab Manager, Director of Partnerships, and CEO for approval
  • Communicate with clients verbally and in writing on a daily basis
  • Interface with clients and represent ARL's brand and culture of service and professionalism
  • Provide customer service to client base
  • Perform general office and record keeping responsibilities, as needed for the position
  • Communicate effectively with leadership
  • Adhere to all GLP, GMP and ISO regulations as they pertain to the position’s function and duties.
  • Perform other projects and duties, as assigned by ARL leadership


  • Minimum Education: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Microbiology, or other related field of Science OR Bachelor's degree in Communication or a Business, or a related field
  • Scientific experience in a third-party laboratory industry a plus
  • Minimum Experience: at least 1 year of strong customer service/care and/or conflict resolution experience
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Able to communicate proficiently and eloquently in English, using proper Grammar
  • At least 1 year of customer service experience
  • Other skills required: Computer)


· Indoors, office, and laboratory environment.

·Required to work day shift

· Driving may be required.

· Ability to lift 30lbs.


Analytical Resource Laboratories LLC is a third-party quality testing laboratory in the food, cosmetics, dietary supplements, and pharmaceutical industry. It was established on January 1, 2000. In 2015, ARL partnered with Tentamus North America, Inc., a network of laboratories headquarter in Germany, to form International Contract Laboratories, LLC. We celebrate 22 years of serving the industry. We offer microbiology and chemistry testing services, as well as method development, to manufacturers, retailers, raw material providers, and even consumers. On June 1, 2021, ARL acquired EuTech Scientific Services, Inc. ARL laboratories are located in Utah, Arizona, Florida, and New Jersey. We continue to grow and expand to serve our partners across the United States.
ARL’s motto of “Doing it right, on time, every time,” not only means executing the right work to produce quality results professionally but doing what is right legally, morally, and ethically. Our greatest strength is in walking the moral high ground that drives our work, relationships, character, and leadership. They are reflected in the way we build our success and in the way we treat each other and our colleagues in the business, even our competitors. Doing it right is what sets us apart.


“To be the best quality lab in the industry founded on a championship culture of leaders who inspire good and elevate life wherever we go, doing what we exist to do”


We exist to provide experience, professionalism, and value in world-leading analytical testing services at the highest level of integrity, reliability, timeliness, and accuracy by the best and greatest people. 


Experience: We stand for the highest level of performance, proficiency, and drive because ...

… we perfect our craft and seek learning anywhere, anytime.

… we don’t just avoid errors; we achieve excellence.

… we state our intentions and take deliberate actions.

… we embrace change and better ways of thinking.

This is how we do it right.

Professionalism: We manifest total commitment to doing our absolute best because …

… we exercise integrity, honesty, and transparency.

… we are effective, accountable, and reliable.

… we demonstrate that leadership is an active choice, not a passive position. 

… we deliver accuracy and quality in all our work.

… we take ownership of our stewardship.

This is who we are.

Value: We empower ourselves to bring value to those whose lives we impact by …

… building bridges of partnerships and service.

… inspiring moral discipline and character.

… creating authentic chemistry in our relationships.

… elevating the world through the results of our work.

The world is a better place because we are here. 


We often hear the phrase “Don’t overpromise and under-deliver.” We do not make promises we cannot keep and represent what we aren’t. ARL is committed to truth and honesty. In our partnerships, our on-time timeline is driven by professional ethics to do the right work to produce correct results. We strive to fulfill the quality needs of our partners by setting reasonable expectations and realistic results. In our journey with our team, we do the same. No, we do not overpromise and under-deliver. Our goal is to deliver the unexpected. We set performance standards and realistic expectations for growth from advancement to progression. When you grow, we grow. When you perform, we deliver. We want you to trust that we will take your needs seriously without sacrificing integrity. It is the same conviction we take to our partners. There is no double standard.


When we say we care, we actually do something about it. We personally care about our success and how we serve yours. ARL is available for our partners as best as humanly possible, but we are present any time for our people. We make people care our priority, personally and inherently. Our commitment to long-lasting relationships started long before you joined our team. This is not just business for us; it is who we are. Doing it right and doing what is right are our creed to build a better everything for you and for the ARL family.


ARL’s team is hand-picked. Our team is a team of abundant thinkers. We think big. We think plenty, not empty. The strength of our performance comes from an attitude of gratitude and a marathon of moral altitude. Non-abundant thinkers don’t last. Our identity in the profession go hand in hand with our core values. While the work that we do are founded on expertise, knowledge, proficiency, and experience, we stake our professional dealings on integrity, charity, respect, and all that is ethical, right, and true. Our people strive to exemplify a higher standard and choose to take the better path. This means we do not sacrifice long-term relationships for short-term gains. We do not seek to win at any cost.. Rather, we seek to do it right by our people, our partners, and our planet. 
At ARL, we understand the importance of never burning a bridge. (We never know when we might have to cross that bridge again.) It is reflected in our external behavior and practices in developing trust in our professional and personal relationships within our team, with our partners, and with our community.


We seek to build a team of leader-leaders. Our goal is to give you the tools to be technically competent so that we can trust you to actively and effectively deliver results at the level we seek to achieve. More importantly, we want you to be able to embrace your stewardship and take your place in our team so that you can achieve a sense of meaning and purpose in your work. Leader-leaders don’t wait for growth to happen. Leader-leaders bring stability to chaos. They seek out weaknesses and turn them to strengths. They don’t sit in the cart as someone else pushes and pull to the finish line. They put their shoulders to the wheel because they can and because they will. Leader-leaders at ARL make things happen. Leader-leaders keep a positive eye on possibilities and opportunities to grow our work, our relationships, our character, and our potential for leadership. 

We treat fumbles and tumbles as opportunities to become stronger than we were the day before. Our focus is on building, maintaining, and supporting a team that does it right, on time, every time, and delivering the unexpected. This is the cornerstone of who we are.

If you resonate with our philosophy, we just might be the lab for you. Send us your application.

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